The Body Naturally

The Body Naturally. Review

Review of The Body Naturally: A Pocket Guide to Natural Bodybuilding.

The Body Naturally
The Body Naturally. A Pocket Guide to Natural Bodybuilding

‘The book ”The Body, Naturally” really gave me some new hope how to finally start making gains with my weight training. I’m speaking of my own experience. After 30 years of training with my minor lay offs I know how it feels to keep training during longer periods without making gains. It was a combination of both using the routines you can find in any muscle Magazines but also not setting up attainable/realistic goals. All this you can find in Mr. Kelly’s book. His routine recommendation is peel off all the isolation exercises and split routines suggestion. Just keeping the most productive exercises and the using of small disks to make micro weight progression which is very important especially if you are a drug free athlete. I can recommend this book to a 100% to any trainee who wants to start training more productively and not spending more than a few hours a week in the gym and be able to have life besides gym training this book is definitely for you.’

By Per Hedberg

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