Coming of Age Stories by People with Disablities

Firsts: Coming of Age Stories From People With Disabilities
Firsts: Coming of Age Stories by People With Disabilities

This first book by new publishing house Olebbooks has just been published.

I contributed an autobiographical essay to the book, along with ten other authors.

From the back cover.

‘Take a step back in time with some of the best writers with disabilities as they recount their first adventure, their first heartbreak, and the first time the unexpected treaded into their life. From body transformations to societal setbacks, to love affairs and family trauma, Firsts collects the most thought-provoking and exciting stories of our time by people with disabilities. Contributors include Nigel David Kelly, Kimberly Gerry-Tucker, Caitlin Hernandez, Andrew Gurza, and David-Elijah Nahmod.’