‘I was riveted with every page turn. You will not be disappointed with this book.’
David H. W. Hartnell MNZM Celebrity Journalist

‘Anna is definitely a great read. It is a real page turner and has you hooked from the very beginning. The author does not use a lot of characters but that is the beauty because he develops these characters really well and gives the reader a great insight into those in the book. The book is really exciting and anyone that is interest in a sci fi mystery should really consider reading this. I look forward to the sequel and hope it’s as enjoyable as this wee gem.’
Adam Toner

‘Nigel David Kelly proved to be an accomplished writer with his autobiography about Quentin Crisp, published in 2013. His second book became a novel called Anna. From writing the story of a gay icon, which he made out to be a very thorough closer look in the astonishing life of mister Crisp it is a big step to writing an SF novel. It is a total turn about in my point of view, but Mr. Kelly succeeded in delivering another intriguing writing.’
Maurice Heerdink

‘This is not only a captivating science fiction novel but an important message for the world to hear….it says so much about the human condition in todays greedy world…a world that is ruled by mass emotional hysteria…Nigel David Kelly has crafted a unique story that in many ways is not so much science fiction…we are beginning to understand the universe more as each decade passes and the idea of other life forms is not so science fiction anymore. Just when you think the story line can’t go any further Mr. Kelly surprises the reader with a new direction that begs you to continue reading….when I got to chapter 27 I realized that there were only two chapters left and I didn’t want the story to end…thankfully he is writing a sequel “Ben”. I can’t wait to find out what happens to the human race.’
Richard Louis James