Onwards and Upwards with Resistance Training

Onwards And Upwards
Onwards And Upwards

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This is a book I have been thinking of writing for several years. Unforeseen circumstances, which I shall talk about later, have held it up until now.

I have always been naturally drawn to resistance training. I first started lifting weights properly, barbells and dumbbells, in high school. As a young man I was totally dedicated to bodybuilding. I was a member of the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association (NABBA).

In my mid-forties I started powerlifting, which is quite a different form of resistance training. I competed in my first ‘Meet’ (the common name given to a powerlifting competition) when I was forty-nine. At age fifty I became a National Champion in the ninety-three kilo Masters Two (Fifty to fifty-nine age group) category. Unfortunately, those unforeseen circumstances I mentioned above forced me to retire from competition at age fifty-two.

So, for over four decades I have extensively studied, engaged in, and competed in, various forms of resistance training.

As I have gotten older, I have been made increasingly aware of the immense benefits of resistance training for maintaining an active healthy life. This awareness has been reached both from my own personal life, that of others and from the increasing body of evidence supporting my previous sentence.

Plus, frankly, the path to get where I am now has not been an easy one, it has not been plain sailing. On three occasions, during my twenties, forties and fifties, I have had to struggle against significant physical problems, not of my making, to regain an active healthy life. Do you suppose the world just forgot about me during my thirties? I hope it continues to from now on. LOL

I know what it is like, at different stages in life’s journey, to start from the ground and work your way back up. Resistance training has played a central part in that process.