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The only child of doting parents, Anna grew up in a comfortable and loving home. At eighteen she was on her way to New York to start a new life with her loving and devoted husband, the son of a wealthy and influential family. Anna seemed to have the world at her feet.

The next two years would be full of love and promise. A son, and soon after happily expecting another baby. There were no dark clouds on her horizon. Until the day a policeman came knocking. Anna lost her husband, her unborn child, the world she thought she knew and discovered truths which she could never forgive.

She also discovered that under her soft surface was a strength of character which would not be beaten and would not compromise between right and wrong.

Eighteen long hard years later another man knocks on the door of her life. Only this man is not human. This man travels between galaxies and dimensions as easily as we put one foot in front of another.

 Through him she will discover yet another truth, a truth which goes beyond our own little world and into the vastness of the universe which lies beyond it.

But is truth just a matter of perspective? Anna must delve into unknown aspects of her mind to decide if she should help this man or fight against him.

Whatever Anna decides the world will never be the same again.