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Firsts: Coming of Age Stories From People With Disabilities
Firsts: Coming of Age Stories From People With Disabilities

The following review appeared on Amazon on September 29 2019.

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A Very Diverse and Moving Collection of First Person Memoirs About Living With Disabilities

‘This collection of 11 essays was edited by Belo Cipriani, author of Blind: a Memoir and founder of Oleb Books, which publishes books by disabled authors and which published this book. It is a refreshing read for several reasons: the authors include persons of color, people who are gay and lesbian, and a number of stories deal with “invisible” disabilities, which can sometimes be the hardest ones to convince the public to accept. I found each one to be very interesting and illuminating in its own right, and very well-written and enjoyable to read, but my favorites in this collection are as follows: “ Living With Lexie”, about a woman’s relationship with her caretaker for her rheumatoid arthritis, “Baring It All”, a yearning story by a young man with cerebral palsy wanting sex with a good looking able bodied young man, “Sleeveless at Last” by a woman who had loved tango dancing before she was struck by a car, was told she would never dance again, endured months of PT as well as 3 joint surgeries before she could dance again, “I Did It!”, the story of a legally blind woman who embarked on a Ph.D in accounting so as to have a second career as a college professor, and succeeded, and “Star Words”, the story of a dear friend who has suffered from lifelong PTSD as a result of gay conversion therapy inflicted on him in childhood by his parents and his rabbi, but it didn’t prevent him from becoming a star reporter in the San Francisco Bay Area and in gay papers around the country, and securing interviews with many celebrities.’

Denise L Montgomery