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Jason Blaha: Minimum training for progress.

Jason Blaha talks about the minimum amount of training someone can do and still make progress. This is something which anyone like myself, who has been training for decades, recognises as the vitally important ‘minimum effective dose principal’. Personally, I think that twice a week is ideal. It gives you good progress and frequency, especially […]

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Why running is not the be-all and end-all of fitness.


The Body Naturally: Video

I filmed the below video about my book, The Body Naturally: A Pocket Guide to Natural Bodybuilding. Free PDF of my book can be downloaded here.

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The Body Naturally: Free PDF

I wrote this book with the sole wish to help people not make the same mistakes as I did when I was into bodybuildng as a young man. So to try to futher that aim I have now uploaded a free PDF of the book to my website. You can download it here. Also, if […]


Firsts: Video

I have just done a video about the book Firsts: Coming of Age Stories by People with Disabilities.