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Playing Quentin Crisp

This book is currently in the research and writing stage.

Introduction (From the book)

In 1968 a book was published.

That’s not a particularly significant way to start a book over half a century later, is it?

I mean the first thing you’re probably thinking is ‘There must have been thousands of books published in 1968.’

Yes, I’m sure there were.

But this book would be read by tens of millions of people around the world and impact lives for decades. Up to the present day in fact.

The book’s title was ‘The Naked Civil Servant’ and it was the autobiography of a man called Quentin Crisp

It would certainly have a dramatic impact on his life. He would become one of the most famous homosexuals in history. Or ‘infamous’ as he liked to say.

He had previously written three books and would go on to write over a dozen more best-sellers, including three further volumes of autobiography.

His razor-sharp intellect, quick turn of phrase, wit and charm, and unique philosophy of life would make him the darling of the tv chat show circuit.

He would go on to act on stage, television and appear in almost forty films.

He developed his own one-man stage show, An Evening With Quentin Crisp. One critic described it as the most intelligent and entertaining show in town.

He performed this all over the world until his death at the age of ninety.

Perhaps one of the most significant ways of gauging someone’s impact on the world, on the legacy they have left behind, is if they are one day portrayed by an actor.

By the date of this book, Quentin has been portrayed by eight actors on stage and screen!

Even Mahatma Gandhi has only been portrayed by one!

In this book I am going to look at these actors, their lives and what inspired them to play Quentin Crisp.